View PDFs & XBRLs and verify their digital signatures.

With Verify by Hancock you can keep your users on your site when viewing PDFs and they won't need to install Adobe Acrobat to verify documents are authentic and have not been modified.

Copy code below and paste into your website

<verify-viewer url="," show-signature-if-present="true" notify-if-not-signed="true" sign="true" download="true" search="true" app-host="" api-host="" ></verify-viewer> <script type="module" src=""></script>



Show signatures

Alert if the document is not signed

Allow others to sign document

Allow search across document

Allow others to download document

By embedding Verify content in your website or app you are agreeing to the Hancock Development Agreement and Developer Policy

Integrate in minutes

In minutes you can embed our reader with a simple embed tag or use our APIs to integrate document signing workflows.

Keep documents private

All documents are rendered and verified in the browser ensuring the contents of your documents remain private.

Digitally sign documents

Securely sign documents or fully integrate electronic signatures with your applications or business workflows.

Easy to use, easy to integrate.

Embedd documents into your website or app with just a few lines of code. Check out our Guides and API docs.

<verify-viewer url="," show-signature-if-present="true" notify-if-not-signed="true" sign="true" download="true" app-host="" api-host="" ></verify-viewer> <script type="module" src=""></script>

Need to digitally sign documents?

Hancock is a digital signature and workflow solution that helps you close contracts with confidence and be more efficient.

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